You know you're supposed to be using hashtags on Instagram..

but it seems no matter how many you post, they have little to no effect on your photos..

You get very few likes and comments, while others in your niche are thriving..

and when you do get engagement, it seems to come from other people in your industry, NOT potential customers!

#icanteven tell you how long I struggled with this problem

Should I be using super popular tags? Or ones specific to my niche?

Should I use the same tags for every photo or constantly switch them up?

Do I have to type out all my tags one by one, or is there an easier way?

What about posting them in caption VS comments?

Does using a lot of tags make me look spammy or desperate?

Trust me, I get it, and I know how confusing it can be..

But it doesn't have to be that way,


What if I told you that you could..

# Effectively combat the new Instagram algorithm

# Rapidly increase the likes and comments you get from your dream clients

# Multiply the amount of targeted users following you {without any follow/unfollow tactics!}

# Dramatically increase the amount of clicks on the link in your bio, and

# Effortlessly sell more products and services {without being sales-y!}

Well you can! Simply by using the RIGHT hashtags for your unique business!

Just check out my results:

Rapid Follower Growth

I gain roughly 100 new, targeted, and engaged followers, every single day!

Unparalleled Engagement

My hashtags attract a targeted audience that can't help but like and comment on all of my posts!

More & More Subscribers

My email list grows by over 1,500 per month by simply attracting the right people to my feed!

Wow! Okay, but there is no way I can get those results in one hour..

is there?

Yes there is my friend, and it's called:

Hashtag Hero is a video training program that walks you through the EXACT steps I take to build a super powerful list of hashtags that not only attracts targeted visitors to my feed {we're talking dream clients here!}, but also massively increases my engagement, followers, and paying customers! 

So what are you waiting for?

If you enroll in Hashtag Hero today, you will learn:

# The 5-15-10 Combination that guarantees you'll reach your ideal audience

# The Hashtag Hero Trifecta that ensures you'll get the most out of your tags

# My Triple Threat approach to using Instagram to conduct your research

# Four major guidelines the pros follow for optimal hashtag selection

# The simple change you must make to stop attracting your competitors

# The #1 mistake that causes people to scroll right past your photo

# My method for measuring the effectiveness of your hashtags

# What 'Top Posts' are and how to make the most of them

# How using unexpected tags can send buyers straight to your feed

# Which myths and facts you should believe, and

# A variety of tips and tricks to make this whole process easy as pie!

And you will receive:

# The Official Hashtag Hero Training Video

# The Hashtag FAQ & Popular Topics Training Video

# The Hashtag Hero Official Workbook

# Lifetime Access including Updates, and

# Around-The-Clock Support from Alex Tooby

Oh, and one other thing..

# Lifetime access to the Hashtag Hero VIP Facebook Group

Want one-on-one advice from Alex? Need to clarify a part of the training? Interested in masterminding with like-minded business owners, all trying to reach the same goal? It happens in the Hashtag Hero VIP Group!

Value: Priceless

Hi! I'm Alex!

Instagram Marketer, Influencer & Mentor

I have:

» Built an engaged and targeted following of over 400,000 followers on Instagram in just over 1 year
» A 4-page printed spread in Cosmopolitan Magazine Singapore
» Been featured on Time, Business Insider, MTV, People and many more
» Used Instagram to generate over $60,000 in just 4 months, and
» Helped numerous business owners 10x their sales, followers, and subscribers via Instagram

 All of this was achieved through a combination of skills, knowledge, determination and drive.

I know exactly what it takes to grow a business on Instagram, and I want to teach you how.

Sure, I could just put together a list of generic hashtags and sell it to you..

but you aren't generic, are you?

No, I didn't think so! Your business is unique and so is your target market.

That's exactly what makes Hashtag Hero so powerful.

Instead of offering you a list of mediocre tags, I'll teach you the exact steps you need

to skyrocket your unique business on Instagram!

Did I mention this may be the only way to combat

the new Instagram algorithm?

It's true!

If you've heard about the new algorithm, you know it's going to make mastering Instagram so much harder.

In fact, Instagram will be specifically favouring the accounts that get steady engagement.

​That means it's absolutely vital that you improve the engagement on your feed as soon as you can.

The longer you wait, the worse the algorithm may affect you.

Protect yourself by enrolling in Hashtag Hero today​

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hashtag Hero really help me improve my engagement on Instagram?

Yes, absolutely! By utilizing the right hashtags for your account you effectively send a steady stream of targeted traffic straight to your feed. My methods teach you how to specifically target people who are interested in your content, and because of that, they can't help but like, comment, and follow!

Do I need to have a business in order to use Hashtag Hero?

Not at all. Hashtag Hero is perfect for anyone trying to improve their presence on Instagram, regardless of your end goal!

How do I access the content?

As soon as you complete your purchase you will receive an email from me that contains your login details for the exclusive membership website. Once you've logged in, the training videos and workbooks will be conveniently laid out for you. All content can be accessed via computer, mobile, or tablet. This is not a physical product. 

How long will I have access to the course materials?

How does forever sound? As soon as you complete your purchase you will receive lifetime access to all course materials including any updates made to the program.

How long will it take to complete Hashtag Hero?

The actual content is just one hour long. However it may take longer for you to fully absorb the lessons. If you've taken any of my trainings in the past, whether free or paid, I always get to the point very quickly. I promise you there is no fluff in this course, just pure value!

How is this course different from Infamous to Influential?

Infamous to Influential is an in depth 5 step course that teaches you my proven methods to building a loyal following on Instagram. It includes how to determine your target market, locating your ideal audience on Instagram, actively attracting your ideal audience to your feed, passively attracting them while you sleep, and my steps to maintaining your growth long term.  Hashtag Hero focuses more specifically on choosing the right hashtags for your business and increasing your exposure and engagement with them. These courses are very complimentary and can be purchased together at the bottom of this page!

Do you have a refund policy?

You bet! You have up to 7 days to request a refund. However due to the digital nature of this product it is required that you complete the workbook and implement the methods outlined in the training. If you don't see any results, I will happily give you a full refund.

Need I say more?

Okay wait.. There's one more thing!

Do you want to get the most bang for your buck while simultaneously blowing your competition out of the water?

Then you need the Hashtag Hero & Infamous to Influential Combo!

Maximize your Instagram potential by combining my strategies from Hashtag Hero,

with the growth tactics from Infamous to Influential.

Your competition, and the Instagram algorithm won't stand a chance!

Limited time offer!

Have any questions about Hashtag Hero? Send me an email!

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