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Instagram hashtags course

If you're serious about Instagram and ready to take action,
I have a one-time offer for you..

For the next 30 minutestake $60 OFF my Instagram Course, HASHTAG HERO, and learn, step-by-step how to strategically use hashtags to effortlessly increase your engagement and attract more targeted visitors to your feed!

instagram hashtags course

Are you..

  • Struggling to get engagement on your Instagram posts?
  • Feeling frustrated with the "new Instagram algorithm"?
  • Finding it harder to gain followers than ever before?
  • Wishing you could reach more potential customers with your posts?
  • Feeling like you're spending a lot of time on Instagram without a positive return?
instagram hashtags course
instagram hashtags course

Well, guess what?

The answer to your problems is so simple..

you may even be using it already!

It's hashtags!

but not just any hashtags..

They have to be carefully selected for your unique account, with your ideal audience, target market, or potential customer in mind. When you master this art, improving your engagement and "beating" the new algorithm
(among other things) 
becomes effortless!

When you use the RIGHT hashtags on your posts, you can:

  • Quickly build awareness for your blog or business
  • Rapidly increase the amount of likes and comments you get from your ideal audience
  • Multiply the amount of potential customers following you
  • Effectively combat the new Instagram algorithm that limits your post's reach

Here are some of my results:

  • Rapid Follower Growth

I gain anywhere from 50 - 150 new, targeted and engaged followers,
every single day!

  • Unparalleled Engagement

By carefully selecting the right hashtags I'm able to attract a targeted audience that can't help but like and comment on all of my posts!

(screenshot from @menandcoffee at 295,000 followers)

     (screenshot from @instawithalex at 15,000 followers)

  • More Enquires & Subscribers

A combination of quality content & hand-selected hashtags leads my audience to visit my website, sign up for my list and message me about my products & services!

Interested in my secret recipe?

I've packaged my tried and true methods
into a course called Hashtag Hero!

Hashtag Hero is an Instagram marketing course that walks you through the exact steps I take to build a super powerful list of hashtags that not only attracts targeted visitors to my feed (the people who are going to love and support my content!), but also substantially increases my engagement, followers, and paying customers!

When you enroll in Hashtag Hero, you will learn:

  • The importance of using hashtags on Instagram & understanding how they work
  • How using the right hashtags can bring more targeted traffic to your content
  • How to use Instagram's built-in features to conduct high quality hashtag research
  • Three requirements every hashtag must meet to provide the most exposure & engagement
  • Four guidelines to follow for optimal hashtag selection
  • The hashtag 'sweet spot' that ensures your post will be seen by the widest range of people
  • My "5-15-10" combination of hashtags that guarantees you'll reach your ideal audience
  • Three hashtag tricks you must implement to avoid being shadowbanned by Instagram
  • How to create a powerful brand hashtag that gets your audience involved
  • The one simple change you must make to stop attracting your competitors
  • The #1 mistake that causes people to scroll right past your photo
  • A variety of time-saving tricks to boost efficiency and engagement 

Are you ready to get started?

Hashtag Hero

  • 4 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • 2 Interactive Workbooks
  • 5 Hashtag Starter Packs
  • Free updates & additions
  • Facebook Support Group

$127 $67

Oh my goodness, my Instagram account is going really well. I only started 3 weeks ago and already I have over 700 followers, each image is averaging 100 likes and 5 comments and I've just checked my new hashtags and I'm in top posts for most of them! Blown away!!!

Katherine Reynolds


Inside Hashtag Hero you will find:

  • The Know Your Audience Interactive Workbook

Selecting the right hashtags for your account is extremely difficult if you aren't clear on who your 'target market' or 'ideal audience' is. This workbook will help you determine what type of person will benefit from your content the most. Then we'll use that information to help you complete the rest of the course.

instagram hashtags course
  • The Official Hashtag Hero Video Tutorial

This 40 minute video walks you through my step-by-step process to conducting quality hashtag research that leaves you with a powerful list of hashtags that funnels your target market directly to your feed with every post. Included is a thorough explanation of hashtags, how they work, guidelines to follow for finding the most effective tags, 3 requirements each tag must meet before using, and my "5-15-10" formula that guarantees you'll reach your ideal audience with each post.

Instagram Hashtags Course
  • The Hashtag Hero Interactive Workbook

This workbook is designed to help you keep track of your research and make the most of your time spent on this course. You'll never forget the important guidelines and requirements for proper hashtag selection and research if you keep this handy.

instagram hashtags course
  • Hashtag FAQ's & Popular Topics Video Tutorial

Are you curious about Top Posts? Ideal hashtag Post Counts? Using the same hashtags on every post? How to measure your hashtag performance? Easier ways to streamline the hashtag generating process? Well this video covers all of those topics and more! The most frequent and common hashtag questions are answered in detail in this video tutorial.

instagram hashtags course
  • Avoiding The Instagram Shadowban Video Tutorial

The Instagram Shadowban has caused a lot of user's engagement to plummet which drastically decreases the amount of business generated through the app. If you want people to see your content, visit your website or purchase from you, they need to see your feed! A Shadowban stops this from happening but this video tutorial offers 3 strategic implementations that safeguard your account from the shadowban while still getting the best results from your hashtag usage.

Instagram Hashtags Shadowban
  • Brand Hashtags 101 Video Tutorial

Creating a hashtag for your brand, business, or blog is essential in creating buzz around what you do. This video tutorial will teach you the difference between two types of brand hashtags, how to create your own, the best ways to promote it, and most importantly, how to make the most of it!

Instagram Hashtags

Plus, these powerful bonuses:

  • BONUS 1: Hashtag Starter Packs

While this course teaches you how to select the perfect hashtags for your unique account, it's always helpful to have a starting point. These Hashtag Starter Packs offer 55+ hand picked hashtags in 5 different niches: Health & Fitness, Adventure & Travel, Creative & Artistic, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Photography.

instagram hashtag course
  • BONUS 2: Lifetime Access to the Hashtag Hero VIP Support Group

Want one-on-one advice from Alex? Need to clarify a part of the training? Interested in masterminding with like-minded business owners all trying to reach the same goal? It happens in the Hashtag Hero VIP Group!

Don't wait any longer to boost your engagement!

Hashtag Hero

  • 4 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • 2 Interactive Workbooks
  • 5 Hashtag Starter Packs
  • Free updates & additions
  • Facebook Support Group

$127 $67

instagram hashtags course

I just started a new account and I got 52 likes on my latest post! I looked at an account with 16k followers who get about 30 likes per post - their hashtags are poor and few. My hashtags are per Alex's advice. Enough said!

Lisa Whalley-Smith


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Hashtag Hero really help me improve my engagement on Instagram?

Yes, absolutely! By utilizing the right hashtags for your account you effectively send a steady stream of targeted traffic straight to your feed. My methods teach you how to specifically target people who are interested in your content, and because of that, they can't help but like, comment, and follow!

  • Do I need to have a business in order to use Hashtag Hero?

Not at all. Hashtag Hero is perfect for anyone trying to improve their presence on Instagram, regardless of your end goal! 

  • How do I access the course content?

As soon as you complete your purchase you will receive an email from me that contains your login details for the exclusive membership website. Once you've logged in, the training videos and workbooks will be conveniently laid out for you. All content can be accessed via computer, mobile, or tablet. This is not a physical product.

  • How long will I have access to the course materials?

How does forever sound? As soon as you complete your purchase you will receive lifetime access to all course materials including any updates made to the program.

  • How long will it take to complete Hashtag Hero?

The video content is around 2 hours long, however it will likely take longer for you to fully absorb the lessons and PDF components. If you've taken any of my trainings in the past, whether free or paid, I always get to the point very quickly. I promise you there is no fluff in this course, just pure value!

  • How is this course different from Infamous to Influential?

Infamous to Influential is an in depth 6 step course that teaches you my proven methods to building a loyal following on Instagram. It includes how to determine your target market, locating your ideal audience on Instagram, actively attracting your ideal audience to your feed, passively attracting them while you sleep, steps to maintaining your growth long term, and methods for monetizing your following. Hashtag Hero focuses more specifically on choosing the right hashtags for your business and increasing your exposure and engagement with them. These courses are designed to compliment each other and those who implement the methods from both are proven to have better results. 

  • Do you have a refund policy?

You bet! You have up to 7 days to request a refund. However due to the digital nature of this product it is required that you complete the workbook and implement the methods outlined in the training. If you don't see any results, I will happily give you a full refund. Read the full policy here.

I just finished Hashtag Hero and OMG!! Super awesome results right away.. I can barely type this because notifications keep popping up! Thank you Alex Tooby, I'm very happy with everything I've learned. Now onto Infamous to Influential!

Angela Hutchinson


Who am I learning from anyway?

Hi, I'm Alex Tooby (like "to be, or not to be!") I've built an engaged and loyal following of over 460,000 on Instagram. I've been printed in Cosmopolitan Magazine and featured on major websites like Business Insider & Time! I've used Instagram to generate over $100,000 in just 12 months, and I've helped numerous business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers 10x their sales, followers, and subscribers via Instagram!

Through trial, error, major fails and monumental successes I've worked out exactly how to use Instagram to reach your personal and business goals. And now I'm sharing all my secrets with you inside of Hashtag Hero.

Instagram hashtags Course

I purchased both of Alex's courses (Infamous to Influential & Hashtag Hero) and I'm glad I did! What I like about Alex Tooby is she is always right to the point and very clear in her explanations. Both courses have a natural flow as if you are working with a friend who wants to give you a hand. This made me feel comfortable so the whole training worked very well for me.

June Sayali


Hashtag Hero

  • 4 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • 2 Interactive Workbooks
  • 5 Hashtag Starter Packs
  • Free updates & additions
  • Facebook Support Group

$127 $67

Many thanks, Alex Tooby, for the very helpful tips and tricks. I definitely believe now in the power of hashtags and especially finding hashtags that have the right size and target group. Before I just used descriptive words, now I research for the right ones. I had my first post with 600 likes today and it's still going - it just amazes me! Thank you!

Antonia Sutter


Have any questions about Hashtag Hero? Send me an email!

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